Technology for silicon dioxide powder,
nanoparticles continuous obtainment
of organic and mineral origin.



Technology for continuous obtainment
of silicon carbide of different polytypes



Synthesis technology from amorphous
silicon dioxide and ashless carbon.

Amorphous silicon dioxide and ashless
carbon produced by through our advanced
technologies are utilised in SiC production.

Silicon Dioxide

The product quality and morphology are improved by our unique temperature and synthesis time optimisation process, developed by our own technology.

Temperature, °C 1400 1500 1600 1700 1900
Chemical formula SiO₂ SiC/SiO₂ SiC/SiO₂ SiC SiC
Concentration, % 100 79/21 94/6 100 100
Crystal system amorphous cubic/ tetragonal cubic/ tetragonal cubic cubic
Space group 216: F-43m/ 92: Р41212 216: F-43m/ 92: Р41212 216: F-43m 216: F-43m
a, Å 4,3365/4,9636 4,3365/4,9636 4,3415 4,3575
b, Å 4,3365/4,9636 4,3365/4,9636 4,3415 4,3575/
c, Å 4,3365/6,9223 4,3365/6,9223 4,3415 4,3575
L, nm 17,70 18,50 21,30 36,60
Form Powder
Size of globule ≤ 5 micron
Size of primary particles ≤ 100 nm
Pore width of primary particles 2-3 nm
Purity 99,9995%0

The samples (SiO₂) were analyzed by an accredited laboratory.

The particle aggregates in the form of discs separated by slit-like pores
(size of particles 0,01-10 μm (micrometer)
specific surface area ≈ 112 sm3/g
the maximum distribution of pore size ≈ 4,9 nm
pore volume – 0,244 sm3/g

Characteristics of the obtained SiO₂

Particle size distribution of the SiO₂ sample dispersed in purified water is shown in Figure above. The average size distribution of the particles is 1.630 μm.


Images below show the surface morphology of SiO₂ particles. The microstructure shows that, particles are sub-micron particle size and attach to each other. Particle size distribution analysis also supports this observation.

Silicon Carbide

1.Fibrous structure

2.Length – up to 100 micron

3.Diameter – to 20 micron

4.Density – 0,1 g/sm³

5.Purity – 99,999+%

Purity – 99,999+%
Polytype – 3С
Structure – cubic
Density – 0,12 g/sm³
Particle size < 50 micron

Low density is the distinctive feature of our product; it is suitable for a wide range of applications for composite materials as well as in hard thermal barrier coatings.

The samples (SiC) were analyzed by an accredited laboratory.

The image shows the surface morphology of SiC particles.

The figure shows SiC Crystals.