Carbo Crystal Technology


Dedication to ethical and responsible future by producing high-purity semiconductors through new and environmentally friendly technology, which is the only path to a sustainable and ecological semiconductors industry.


To provide solutions to the needs of the global materials world through nanoscale high purity semiconductor production.

About Us

Carbo Crystal Technology (CCT) was founded in 2023 by a group of experts who has been researching silicon-based materials for more than 10 years. CCT has an experienced team of expert researchers who have conducted research on silicon production for several years with innovative and successful results. Our team of international scientists, researchers and industry experts is working on the production of high purity silicon carbide powder with innovative technology. After more than ten years of successful research and experimental implementations, CCT ‘s scientists, engineers and technical team have now introduced an innovative technology that enables industrial-scale production of high-purity silicon carbide and silicate-containing products.

 Our technology can produce various modifications (polytypes) of silicon, silicon carbide and other silicate-containing compounds of specified quality characteristics in the nano-dispersed range:

• High-purity SiO2 powders with particles in the nano-dispersed range including organic origin (amorphous and crystalline -5N %99.999 and higher);
• High-purity SiC powders for composite materials (purity %99.9-%99.99);
• SiC – powders of semiconductor quality (6N – purity, %99.9999) and monocrystalline silicon carbide (7N – purity %99.99999);
Our production process is environmentally friendly which is based on a unique patented wasteless technology and low energy consumption.
High-purity silicon carbide produced by CCT is in-demand of global electronics industries due to the revolutionary “breakthrough” in the new technological opportunities in high-speed computing (Neurocomputers), power sectors, aerospace industries, nuclear energy, and innovative engineering’s.
CCT invites interested companies to cooperate with various forms of business partnerships:
• supply of super high-purity silicon compounds and silicon carbide powder produced by our company;
• Cooperation in the joint production of high-tech silica products, such as:
• radiation-alloyed ingots of monocrystalline silicon (dimensions D150mm x L500mm),
• growing ingots of monocrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon carbide and producing ultra-thin wafers from these ingots,
• other projects of mutually beneficial interest.
CCT is an expert company in production of high quality silicon and silicon-based innovative products.
CCT is committed to provide excellent products, service and solutions to its customers with its innovative and evolving technology.